AtlasHacks is a 36 hour, digital hackathon open to everyone across the world to participate on June 27-28! Our participants will work in teams or fly solo to develop their next aspiring software or hardware projects. The AtlasHacks organizing team is fully composed of high schoolers from the San Francisco Bay Area, who are all passionate about Computer Science. 

The primary theme of this hackathon is to create a project that benefits the society/world. We wanted to keep this event more open-ended so as not to limit your creativity.

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If you want to be eligible for the "Best echoAR Hack" award, you must also register for the echoAR platform here.

Good luck to all of you! We are excited to see what you create!


Everyone can attend AtlasHacks! We do not have any restrictions on attendance so all of you are invited to participate. 

We are only allowing teams with up to 4 members.



Submissions will be made on Devpost. You will need to make a demonstration video that is at most 3 minutes, which should be included in your submission. Additionally, your team will need to include the full names of each team member in the video as well. 

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$5,500 in prizes

1st Place

- HyperX Alloy Core RGB Membrane Keyboards ($50 each)
- $200 Bugsee Credits

2nd Place

- Sublime Text Licenses ($80 each)
- $200 Bugsee Credits

3rd Place

- AoPS Online Coupons ($25 each)
- $200 Bugsee Credits

Best Hardware Hack

- One Year of Wolfram|One Personal Edition and Wolfram|Alpha Pro ($375 each)
- $200 Bugsee Credits

Best COVID-19 Hack

- One Year of Wolfram|One Personal Edition and Wolfram|Alpha Pro ($375 each)
- $200 Bugsee Credits

Best echoAR Hack

- $50 Amazon gift card
- 1-month free Business Tier access
- A feature in echoAR's newsletter (sent to investors and AR/VR ecosystem)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


AtlasHacks Judges

Judging Criteria

  • Exceptionality
    How outstanding is the project? Does it feature complex technologies? Does it stand out from other submissions?
  • Practicallity
    Is the application ready for deployment? How realistic is it?
  • Creativity
    How original is the idea? Has it been done before? Does it use new, emerging technologies?
  • Design/Polish
    How attractive is the application? Is it mostly free of bugs/errors? Is it fully complete?

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